Feb 2021 – Now

User Experience and User Interface Design, Branding, Design System, User Centred approach

ProntoPro is my first and current work experience. I have joined the scale-up company with a UX-UI Designer Intern position in February 2021, which became a full-time position in October 2021 as a Product Designer.
I took part in the Product team to build and innovate the user experience on the product, the n ° 1 local services digtal marketplace in Italy and soon Europe’s one.
Below there is a summary of the works, approaches and activities I have performed until today, both in the Product team and in the Design team.

I took part in the design of experiences and touchpoints which are currently online in the ProntoPro product, both in its web app and native app. The biggest challenge of this experience is having to design a product capable of communicating and empathising with a majority of users with a low digital literacy: the solution to this is to design according to a user centred perspective, trying to match the mental models of final users. The result of this process are simple and usable UI touchpoints, which require interactions, gestures and basic actions that can also be performed by those with low digital skills.


The design process always starts with the definition of business objectives, experience pain points or opportunities to innovate our product. Before defining a mockup with a detailed UI and specs, many preparatory activities need to be carried out in order to deliver the best possible solution: user research, benchmarking, interaction flowcharts, wireframes up to more detailed interfaces with which to build a prototype and test it with users. Only through a cyclical, agile and iterative process is it possible to reach a solution that can bring impact to people, generate revenues and innovate our product.

Olympus: ProntoPro's Design System

A quick overview on how I took part in the research, construction, consolidation and maintenance of a complex Design System. In the carousel you can see an overview of the library, the structure and information of each component and its guidelines and the process to create and consolidate a new component.


I participated in the construction of a solid, scalable and usable Design System with Figma software. The UI components are built on the basis of the standards and best practices of the most famous Design Systems, adapted accordingly to the needs of our product, brand and final users. Particular attention was given to their responsiveness and ability to adapt to any layout, thanks to an advanced use of AutoLayout and creation of variants of the same component, to foresee all possible use cases.
Also for the Design System, my mindset was always aimed at the mental models of the reference users, always trying to guarantee ease of use, actions that were always visible and without hidden interactions.

The designed touchpoints also often came from more data-driven approaches, such as AB tests that tested the best ways to increase user conversion rates. Within the Product team, I collaborated with Product Owners, Frontend and Backend Developers, Data Scientists, Product Analysts and UX Researchers: this allowed me to place my designer role at the center of the objectives of each department, respecting everyone’s constraints and trying to optimize my designs from both from a business and user experience point of view.


A fundamental approach to digital product design in 2022 is the mobile first. Most of the traffic on ProntoPro comes from mobile devices, therefore the design key to match this trend is responsive design: it is about starting with the design of mobile interfaces using components and layouts that in front-end development logic they could fit and scale on wider viewports. This has increased my knowledge and design skills with a view to real frontend development, learning the logic and constraints of CSS, gaining particular attention to the more technical requirements of UI design.

The contents published on this page refer to ProntoPro touchpoints currently live in production, accessible to all. They were designed by me but with the collaboration and supervision of others within the company. For more information, please contact me.