Inclusivity, User Experience Design, Interaction Design

Alex Landra, Luca Botta, Emanuele Faini, Ryohei Kawagishi

Mushboard is an interactive product system dedicated to children with autism.
It allows them to play together or alone on balance boards: It is composed by three balance boards with different shapes, a platform to place them and play together and a mobile monitoring app for the caregivers.

Children with autism struggle in concentrating during physical activities, getting easily distracted. At the same time, they are particulary attracted by light, colours and sounds, and they  perceive them as rewards.
The aim of Mushboard is to trigger this mental model to guide children with autism in the exercise, guaranteeing a perpetual feedback that stimulates their senses and help to make them understand if they are doing the right action or not, transforming the physical exercise in a game.

The purpose of the exercise is to stay in balance on the balance board: the product will guide the child during the activity by giving real time visual and sound feedback. In fact, the closer the child gets to perfect balance, the more the board will light up.
Mushboard is also aimed to stimulate the collaboration among children with autism, thanks to the wood platform: users can place the three boards in the appropriate spaces and do the balance exercise together.

Mushboard’s system is also composed by a mobile app, that communicates real time with the single boards monitoring the balance activity. Users can register the different children playing and see their physical improvements, bringing a gamification feature also in the digital part of the product.
In this way the caregiver can monitor in which feature the kid is efficient or weak, also thanks to a live monitoring tool that can show graphically in real time the exercise the kid is performing.

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