EZ10 simulator


Virtual scenario, Prototyping, Interaction Design, Coding

Alex Landra, Pietro Lezzani, Kilian Re

The aim was to use Unity3D software to simulate the different behaviours of an autonomous shuttle, called EZ10. The team made the 3d model interactive to the user’s inputs and responsive to the surrounding scenario, making the vehichle behave in different ways according to the environmental inputs such as pedestrians, the street path, the traffic system with the other vehichles and traffic lights.

The team had the pre-made 3d model of the EZ10: we optimized it and made it usable for Unity. Once in Unity3D, we worked on renderings and interactions: we simulated the behaviors of the vehicle such as its light, sounds, doors and buttons interactions.
Optimizing the model on Blender software, the team managed a complex 3D model with all its parts and meshes. Then, working on the interactions, rendering principles has been applied, then the team added animations matched with sounds; the vehicle has also a lighting system with an implemented a post processing system.


1st person view outside the shuttle. The user can control its buttons, lights and doors.

3rd person view while the shuttle is running. The user can follow the traffic path.

1st person view inside the shuttle. The user can follow the path by staying inside the EZ10.

The EZ10 automatically starts traveling around the scenario. Then we can see different situations: If there’s a curve in the road, the vehicle will automatically follow the path turning left or right. If there’s a car in front of it, it will slow down and stop, having the same behavior if there’s a pedestrian. When there’s a passenger stop, the shuttle will stop and the first person player scene will be activated, and you can interact with the vehicle. Lastly, if there’s a red traffic light at the crossroad, the shuttle will stop and the shuttle will stop and wait for the green one